duminică, 22 aprilie 2012

Task one is here dollies.
Here is the theme : SHOOTING IN OTHER PLACES.
What you have to do is to create a photo (photoshop,scenery,drawing,painting) with you posing in a special place, maybe with an architecture monument (Paris,Pisa,Rome..it's your choose).
Then, when you finish it make a print screen/photo, upload it on tinypic and send it to me via dollmail, or you can fill it in a comment, here, on the blog with your username.

DEADLINE : Monday ,30th April 2012 and the eliminations+task 2 will be posted in the week of 1-6 May.
Remember : do your best to finish the tasks. If a model doesn't do her task or if she has problems (family,etc) I can excuse her for 1/2 days but I can excuse a model only for one task. After the 1st task, a model will be eliminated. Each model will receive notes from me and the judges for her work and then, we'll gather the notes and the model who has the most lower note will be eliminated. [notes are from 1 to 10].

Good luck dollies,

sâmbătă, 21 aprilie 2012

Introducting post.

Hi. I am botsy_pink, the owner of the project "Best models".
Check out the club for more infos.

I will post here models' work and the tasks.
Our judges are :